About me

As a new author it's just about impossible to get published, so my creator decided on an exciting, new approach. Instead of adding to the pile of query letters received by literary agents, I was put on the Internet so you can decide if I'm worth reading! I think I'm worth it! My story is original. My main characters Minnie & Darren Rosner are compelling, involved in a unique mystery---and have rediscovered one another. I'll tell you this, their lovemaking is almost too hot for my digital pages! From chapter to chapter I'm quick and easy to read with events that you will never expect! Give me a chance, then make some noise. Tell all your friends to read me, I'm a FREE read for everyone!

I'd like to know what you think of me! Write me via the contact button, or at author@reelends.com

My WGA Registration Number:1817254